Emeth by Team Anykey


Emeth is a 2D fast-paced real time strategy game with extremely volatile combat.


Emeth is a mirrored world divided between two warring factions, portraying an epic struggle between angels and demons. You are in control of the angelic blue army in this epic battle and must strategically place your forces to defeat the onslaught of the red demon hordes. Move quickly though, for the tide of war may turn in an instant. Emeth combines the pattern based combat of chess with the intensity and pace of an action game. Don't blink, or you'll miss the checkmate.

The roles I played in Anykey was producer and A.I. programmer. As the producer, I managed a team

Void Guardian by Team Quantum Lock

of nine people, making sure we were on schedule, and ensuring everyone was working as effectively as possible. As the A.I. programmer, I constructed, iterated, and refining the A.I. experience. I created multiple ways to edit the A.I. and change how it reacts to better enable the designers to make the game fun. I designed the A.I. to be able to play multiple sides, allowing it to play the entire game by itself, over and over, and helped us track down bugs and crashes throughout our game. 


Awards and Recognition:
Emeth was voted Best A.I. in DigiPen's annual award ceremony. Along with this, it was submitted by DigiPen for competition in the Independent Game Festival (IGF), IndieCade, and Penny Arcade Expo (PAX).



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Void Guardian is a 3D third person wave based space fighter game where you are pitted alone against an invasion force of colossal scale. This hive mind force will assault your home with stronger and stronger foes until the master itself will take to the field. Beware for it can bring you to your knees alone.



The roles I played in Quantum Lock was producer

A.I. Programmer, and Boss designer.  As producer I led a team of sixteen until design decisions had seven members go their separate ways. Now with a team of nine members, we started the game anew in Unity and set to work on completing our game in a semester, which needed strict schedules, multiple weekly meetings, scheduled playtesting sessions, and

task prioritization. All of which I set up to keep us moving forward. As the A.I. programmer, I wrote many A.I. steering behaviors to be used in tandem to form more organic A.I. opponents. The system was planned but never finished, to be used with allies and would have been able to be applied easily had we not cut the allied ships to better focus on polish. As the Boss designer creating the centipede boss and its destructive power and motion to be as smooth as possible.


Awards and Recognition:

Void Guardian was selected by DigiPen to be represented at competition. Which competition it will be submitted to has yet to be named.



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Hexakis is a 2D mobile networked "deck builder" card game where the player must manage both their game field and the creatures they will play on it to seem themselves to victory - destroying their enemies power core. Campaign, PvP, events, and more, what path do you want to conquer first?


The roles I played in Warlocks of the Shore was producer and gameplay programmer. As the producer, I am managing a team of nine, forming week by week schedules complete with tasks and deadlines for each member of the team, scheduling and running meetings with each group of the team and assisting them in identifying problems, blocks, and tasks to perform to further the games development and meet deadlines. Also I shield the rest of the team from the burdens of upper management so they can focus on making the game. As one of the gameplay programmers I have created the foundations for multiple systems for the game including the game board and initial card interactions. I have also completely written and rewritten our A.I. system, which included working on the AI and upon realizing how cumbersome it would become later down the road, elected to rewrite it and major game structures to better streamline the A.I. and further updates on other systems, thus making them more efficient and saving countless hours of work and confusion down the road. 




All images seen below are pre-Alpha art for the game. Stay tuned!

Hexakis by Team Warlocks of the Shore

The Last Vikings by Springloaded Ltd.


Embark on your Viking adventure sailing dangerous seas in order to pillage villages and bring glory to the Viking people once again! Build up your army, boats, special heroes and powerful weapons to face the onslaught of attacks and mythical creatures. With the Viking population dwindling, their legacy rests on you.


The roles I played in Springloaded Ltd. was an Intern. As an intern, it was my privilege to get to work on the boss system for our game and the larger more powerful enemies, contribute on design discussions for the game, and analytics. The boss system included writing a new more streamlined and unified structure for all the current enemies in the game and fixing the bugs the ensued in that. I also wrote a new complex

system for major boss enemies. The feature utilized multiple different parts of the current game to make them work and was designed to be very flexible in a multitude of ways. To support this system I created multiple support structure to make boss creation more efficient. Finally, I integrated both Flurry and Google analytics into the game to better track user metrics and learn all that we can from our player base. To go along with this I spent countless hours researching Flurry and Google analytics to help reveal the best data possible.


"It's also super cute, and looks like quite a bit of fun both online and off." - 148Apps




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4.6/5 Google Play

4.5/5 iOS App Store


Dylan Petterson

Game Producer, A.I. Programmer

DigiPen Institue of Technology