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Dylan Petterson is a game producer and game programmer who currently attends DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington. An incredibly dedicated and hard worker, he excels at leading a group of people to complete a task and will step in whenever needed to get the job done. 

He has been the producer for no less than 6 game teams, where he led teams through all stages of development for a game, from its initial concepts to its final release. Among his duties were to meet weekly with executive producers to discuss the games direction report the current status of the game and relay and invoke all changes that have been decided and argue against those we believe to be improper or against the momentum of our progress. On top of those tasks also comes the team management aspect where I aid each section of the game team in organizing and prioritizing their tasks, reviewing content, scheduling the week to week jobs and when to give the team necessary breaks from the game to avoid burning out, and finally when to cut content or freeze new features to make sure the game reaches the goal line. Even while doing all of these tasks, he is a powerful programmer and worked diligently on each games code base.

Among the games he has worked on is the card game Hexakis and the 4 player couch game called SwingBlade. As a programmer for Hexakis, he worked on half of the core structure to the game, along with the assisting tools, and A.I. and designed input for mobile support, though the game eventually took a different direction. On SwingBlade he handled several systems such as a smooth interface with the controllers, many debugging systems to aid in development speed, and a logging and relay system to track down more elusive bugs and display the game at the same time. 


Before starting on Hexakis, he traveled to Singapore and had the privilege of working as an intern for Springloaded Ltd where he worked on boss behaviors and analytics for their mobile game 'The Last Vikings'.


He has previously worked with two teams of 9 people to make their games 'Void Guardian' and 'Emeth'. In 2014-2015, he was the Producer of 'Void Guardian' and an essential gameplay programmer where he helped create all major A.I. behaviors. In 2013-2014, he was the Co-Producer and Technical Director of 'Emeth', a game where his AI won "Best A.I." at DigiPen Institute of Technology and was selected to be in several game competitions, including IGF and Indicade, on top of representing DigiPen at PAX.


Dylan also served as a Teaching Assistant for ProjectFUN, where he taught the next generation of game industry professionals in topics such as Robotics, Design and Programming. 


The youngest of six children, he enjoys reading and playing many forms of games in his spare time. Such as RPGs, Card games, and strategy games. 


To see a full list of Dylan's courses, experience, and accolades, connect with him on LinkedIn here.


Dylan Petterson

Game Producer, A.I. Programmer

DigiPen Institue of Technology